10 Top Design Considerations When Planning a New Landscape Design

1. Winter Views and Usability during Winter

2. Find a Designer Who is Compatible with You and Your Needs

3. Scheduling Phases of Design and Setting Priorities

4. How to Make Your Property More Usable by Considering New Ideas rather than Typical Approaches

5. Style – Formal vs. Informal including Color Schemes

6. Uses of the Space:  Play areas, Arbors, Labyrinths, Outdoor Games,

7. Making an Extension of Your Indoor Living Spaces and Indoor/Outdoor Dialogue

8.  Brainstorming Sessions

9. Coordinate All The Pieces of Your Property Into One Concise Design

10.  Phases and/or Stages of Design and Thinking Long Range

10 Things You Can Do To Get Started 

  • 1. Take Photographs of Gardens You Like.
  • 2. Cut Out Magazine Clip.
  • 3. Go to Botanical Gardens, Nature Centers, Nurseries for Ideas and Plant Material Ideas to See What You Like!
  • 4. Think about the plants you loved in your childhood or memories of places you went where you were a child, smells, textures. beautiful places that make you happy.
  • 5. Go to the library, bookstore, and find gardening books to inspire you!
  • 6. Call landscape designers and landscape architects and interview them.
  • 7. Remember that every designer approaches the project from a different viewpoint, so make sure you know how your designer thinks.  
  • 8. For larger projects, make sure you know what sort of issues might come up during the design and installation phases. 
  • 9.  Collaboration with Designers and Artists, Maintenance companies etc. (ask lots of questions!)
  • 10.  E-mail me and I can send you a questionnaire that will jog your memory: auffenberg.marquita@gmail.com

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